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Nedo Industrial line
Ref.-No. 210 710
Shaft tripod
The new Industrial Line elevating tripod is designed
especially for the use of 3D laser scanners. The laser
scanner can be mounted either at the top or at the
bottom of the elevating column ensuring maximum
flexibility. When mounted at the top, the laser scanner
can be easily lifted to desired working height. The
indirect gear unit allows for maximum convenience.
For stability reasons, the maximum working height is
limited to 13’. For shaft applications, the laser scanner
can be mounted at the bottom of the elevating column
and inserted from above the shaft cover into the shaft
compartment. The toothed column extends to almost any
length. Additional rack elements are inserted into the
elevating head and securely connected to the previously
inserted toothed column element with the aid of an inno-
vative locking device. For even more comfort, the laser
scanner can be lifted with a cordless power drill. A proper
screw bit to replace the crank is supplied as a standard.
Needles to say that the Industrial Line Elevating tripod
is equipped with a twist proof elevating column with
centric clamping and combi tripod shoes for all terrain
Technical Data:
Min. effective height approx. 44'' / 1.10 m
Max. effective height approx. 197'' / 5.00 m
Depth of shaft approx. 157'' / 4.00 m
Retracted length approx. 48'' / 1.22 m
Weight approx.20 lbs. / 9.00 kg
Tripod plate flat, Ø 4.3'' / 110 mm
Ref.-No. 210710
Adapters for Laser Scanners

Depending on the weight, overhead mounting of a 3D
laser scanner on a shaft tripod with a 5/8’’ socket may
be difficult. To make this easier, adapters can be
supplied as optional accessories for various laser
scanners. They permit safe and easy attachment to
the tripod.
Order information:
660040 Adapter for Faro Focus 3D X30, X130 and X330
660041 Adapter for Leica HDS6200, HDS6100 and
HDS7000 as well as Zoller and Fröhlich Imager 5010
660042 Adapter for Leica Scanstation P20, P30 and
P40 as well as Zoller and Fröhlich Imager 5016
660043 Adapter for TRIMBLE TX8
Tripod Dolly

Sturdy tripod dolly with large steerable and lockable
wheels. The points of the tripod are placed in the
recesses provided, and the feet are secured with a
flexible strap. Easy, safe and convenient.
The tripod dolly has only two shanks, allowing it to be
maneuvered through narrow doors and providing easy
access to a laser scanner. The dolly can be folded up to
save space in transport.

Ref.-No. 660030
Extension Column

Extra extension column, 1 m.

Ref.-No. 660020
Soft bag

Soft bag for 4 extension tubes for Industrial Line Tripod.

Ref.-No. 660025
5/8’’ to 3/8’’ Tripod adaptor

Tripod adaptor made of metal.

Order information:
Ref.-No. 061 837 Adaptor for 5/8’’ thread to 3/8’’ thread
(suitable for Faro Focus 3D and Trimble TX5