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Accessories rotation lasers
Ref.-No. 430 335
Excavator receiver ACCEPTORM
Sturdy laser receiver with easy-to-view display for use
with construction machinery.
When used with a rotating laser, the new Nedo
ACCEPTORM excavator receiver accurately
shows whether the excavator blade is above,
at or below the required height. Large, bright LEDs
make it easy to view the display from the excavator
cab. The switchable tilt compensation accounts for
tilting of the dipper arm up to an angle of 30°. In
this way the ACCEPTORM reliably and
accurately shows the position of the excavator blade
in relation to the required height


ACCEPTORM with tilt compensation
The Nedo ACCEPTORM excavator receiver has a tilt
compensation feature to accurately show the position
of the excavator blade even when the dipper arm is inclined.
The tilt of the dipper arm can be compensated
up to an angle of 30°, allowing more precise work.
Technical data:  
Accuracy ± 4 mm, ± 8 mm und ± 12 mm
Working range Ø 1000 m (depends on laser)
Reception angle 220°
Length of detector field 190 mm
Protection class IP 66
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Power supply 1 x 1.5 V mono-cell
Operation duration approx. 45 h
Order information:  
Ref.-No. 430 335 Excavator receiver ACCEPTORM
Ruggedized Laser Receiver ACCEPTOR2
If you are tired of poor laser receivers, which are not rugged
enough when it really gets tough on the construction site
here is the alternative: Nedo’s ruggedized all purpose laser
receiver ACCEPTOR2 with all metal, heavy-duty rod clamp.
Thanks to the highly impact resistant housing with protective
rubber bracing Nedo ACCEPTOR2 is extremely robust and
waterproof to IP 67 standards.
Perfect for use under extremely tough conditions.
But it’s not just the laser receiver it’s the clamp that makes
a world of difference. The all metal, heavy-duty clamp is
practically indestructible.
Built-in, very strong magnets allow for attaching the laser
receiver ACCEPTOR2 to girders. Perfect for all kind of
steel structures. Thanks to the patented design Nedo
ACCEPTOR2 can be placed flat against a wall without
removing the clamp. Nedo ACCEPTOR2 is the ruggedized
all purpose laser receiver, full of innovative ideas and
compatible with all rotating red lasers.


Technical data:
Ref.-No. 430 334
ACCEPTOR2 with Heavy-duty rod clamp

Ref.-No. 461 051
Nedo Batter Board Clamp
Sturdy aluminum batter board clamp with four clamping
screws. Suitable for rotating lasers when used in the
vertical mode and for theodolites.
Attachable to boards with thicknesses of up to
3“ / 85 mm

Ref.-No. 461 051

Ref.-No. 461 047
Nedo Laser Grade Adaptor
Upgrade your horizontal laser into a slope laser.
With the tilt adaptor, inclines of up to 90° can be set
Quick adjustment with 6 stages and additional fine
adjustment. Scale with % and ° units. Ideal for creating
slopes or refurbishing roofs. Incl. circular level, built-in
sighting device, 5/8’’ connecting thread and Quick-Fix

Ref.-No. 461 047