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Nedo Winkeltronic LaserWinkeltronic
The digital angle measuring device to precisely
measure and transfer angles – rugged, reliable
and with an accuracy of ±0.1°. The measured
angles are read off conveniently from the large
Very easy handling thanks to the symmetrical
arrangement of the shanks. Two integral spirit
levels ensure true horizontal and vertical posi-
The hold function keeps values in the display.
The display can be set to zero at any given
shank position.

Digital angle measuring tools to measure and
transfer angles.
The handy dimensions, its light weight and its
large display, the Winkeltronic Easy is an ideal
helper on the construction site, especially in
interior outfitting. The Winkeltronic Easy features
a hold function to keep a value on the display
and it is equipped with two spirit levels for hori-
zontal and vertical alignment.
Features Winkeltronic Easy
    405 100                405 120
Nedo Winkeltronic Easy
Ref.-No. Shank length Resolution Measuring range Weight
405 100 400 mm 0.1° 0° to 200° 0.65 kg
405 120 600 mm 0,1° 0° to 200° 0.88 kg
Features Winkeltronic

Nedo Winkeltronic
Ref.-No. Shank length Resolution Measuring range Weight
405216 450 mm 0.05° 0° to 352° 1.2 kg
405316 600 mm 0.05° 0° to 355° 1.5 kg
405317 750 mm 0.05° 0° to 355° 1.8 kg
LaserWinkeltronic Ref.-No. 460 612
Nedo LaserWinkeltronic
The Nedo LaserWinkeltronic combines the advantages
of the latest laser technology with the proven technology
of the Nedo Winkeltronic.
Many applications, such as measuring and adjusting
angles when installing staircases, interior outfitting,
modernisation projects and measuring roof angles are
considerably simplified by the use of laser technology.
Time-consuming conversions are eliminated and
deviations from straight lines can be seen immediately.
The laser beam travels in straight lines from the shanks
of the instrument extending them up to 20 m.
The Nedo LaserWinkeltronic is available with one or two
laser beams.
Nedo LaserWinkeltronic
Ref.-No. Laser modules Shank length Resolution Measuring range
460 613 1 605 mm 0.1° 0° to 360°
460 612 2 605 mm 0.1° 0° to 360°
Features Winkeltronic
Features Laser
Cases for LaserWinkeltronic

Cases for LaserWinkeltronic
Ref.-No. Type For model Ref.-No.
600 111-613 Case LaserWinkeltronic
460 612 and 460 613