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Measuring Tools – Worth Knowing
The mEssfix is a telescopic measuring rod for measuring the widths of openings. The
mEssfix is used mainly in interior outfitting by joiners, window-builders, carpenters etc.

The display housing on the mEssfix is situated at the end of the foot. This allows to easily
read off measurements at eye level when measuring windows.

The accuracy of the mEssfix is ±1 mm. This puts the Nedo mEssfix in calibration class II
whereas competitive products only meet the requirements of calibration class III. The Nedo
mEssfix therefore provides more exact measuring results.

Special application: Measurements of roller shutters
For measuring roller shutters, the roller shutter mEssfix is equipped with two 50 mm points,
making it possible to take measurements inside the roller shutter tracks. The additional
100 mm of the roller shutter model are already taken into consideration in the display. For
this reason, a conventional mEssfix cannot be "upgraded" to a roller shutter model.
The mEssfix-S is a longer mEssfix model. It can be used wherever measurements of
extended lengths involve a high degree of accuracy.

As the mEssfix-S is normally laid on the floor to take measurements, the display housing
is situated at the top of the instrument. This allows for a convenient measurement read-off.

The mEssfix-S is equipped with clamping screws as a standard to fix the sections of the
telescopic staff. This ensures that the sections do not slip back and lead to incorrect mea-
Laser Distance Meters
With the help of a hand-held laser meter, width openings can be measured in a jiffy.
Laser distance meters help to save time, especially when the application involves a
large distance to be measured.

During the measuring process, the laser distance meter transmits a visible laser beam
which marks the target at the same time. A part of the laser beam reflected by the target
is received by the laser distance meter.
As the phases of the transmitted and received light waves differ, the laser distance
meter calculates the distance to the target in a matter of just seconds, a method of
measuring which is far superior to the ultrasonic distance measuring devices.

Range and Accuracy:
The laser distance measuring devices have a range of 0.05 m up to 200 m. For dis-
tances exceeding 100 m, it is recommended to work with a target board.
Depending on the model, the measuring accuracy is ±1.0 mm or ± 1.5 mm throughout
the entire measuring range.

Measuring in Daylight:
Under bright daylight conditions, it may be difficult to identify the red laser target point out-
doors. For this reason, Leica DISTO™ A5, Leica DISTO™ A6 and Leica DISTO™ A8 are
equipped with a telescopic or digital viewfinder which allows the laser target point to be
found more easily, even over greater distances.

Auxiliary Functions:
Depending on the model the laser distance meters are equipped with a variety of useful
measuring functions to achieve more efficient measuring results.
Angle Measuring Devices
Nedo angle measuring devices are used mainly in interior outfitting by joiners, carpenters,
window manufacturers, in steel constructions, in the construction of sun parlours and in
the mounting of furniture, in particular kitchens.
Nedo angle measuring devices are available in various sizes with analogue or digital dis-
play. The electronic angle measuring devices feature a particularly large, and easy-to-read
display. Note that devices with longer shanks allow for more accurate measurements.

Electronic Angle Measuring Devices: Nedo Winkeltronic

Mode of Operation:
Nedo angle measuring devices with a digital display feature an incremental measuring
method: A photo-sensor scans a slit disc and the angle is determined with the number of
The advantage of this method of measuring angles is the extraordinary robustness and
long-term stability of the measuring system; i.e. compared to competitive products, angles
can always be measured with the same accuracy and precision. The age of the device or
fluctuations in temperature have no impact on the measuring results.