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Nedo Inclinometer Level
Inclinometer Level Ref.-No. 508 111
Inclines, gradients and angles can be easily
determined with the Nedo inclinometer level.
Measured values are displayed alternatively in
degrees or percent.
An audible signal at 0° and 90° facilitates adjust-
ment and therefore, visual contact with the display
is not necessary. A measured value can be re-
tained on the display when activating the hold
The Nedo inclinometer level is easy to operate,
rugged and splash-proof.
Technical Data
Measuring range 360°
Degree display in 0.1° increments
Percent display in 0.1 % increments
Measuring accuracy ±0.2°
Length 600 mm / 800 mm
Weight 0.7 kg / 0.8 kg
508 110 Length 600 mm
508 111 Length 800 mm