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Nedo Line Laser
QUASAR4 Simplix-Set
1000 applications - 1 solution

The self-levelling multi-line QUASAR4 laser generates a
bright, highly visible horizontal 360° laser line, making it an
attractive alternative to a rotating laser in indoor finishing.
In addition, it generates two vertical laser lines which are
arranged exactly at right angles to each other, intersect at
the ceiling and are highly visible on the floor even right
near the device. An additional laser beam transfers the
cross from the ceiling to the floor.
The horizontal 360° laser line of the QUASAR4 makes it
an attractive alternative to a rotating laser. As the hori-
zontal laser line is generated by three laser diodes, it
is much more visible than the beams in laser class 2
rotating lasers. Additional applications are permitted
by the downward plumb beam and the two vertical
laser lines, which are arranged exactly at right angles
to each other and intersect at the ceiling.

The QUASAR4 is distinguished by an especially robust
design. The floor assembly is made of aluminium, and
the compact housing is splash-proof protected in accor-
dance with IP 54, making it perfect for tough applications
on construction sites.
Owing to the compact design and the location of the
plumb point at the centre of rotation, aligning the axis of
the QUASAR4 is especially easy. Thanks to the pulse
function the QUASAR4 together with the ACCEPTORline
laser receiver can also be deployed even when light
conditions are unfavourable.

With the aid of the Simplix multi-functional support, the
QUASAR4 can be fastened practically anywhere. This
makes it especially versatile. It is perfect for levelling,
alignment, squaring and plumbing in interior finishing.
It is also ideal for tile laying, surfacing, dry lining and
many other indoor jobs.
Multi-functional bracket Simplix

Thanks to the well-thought-out Simplix attachment, the
QUASAR4 cross line laser can be fixed to almost anything,
allowing a flexible range of applications.
The Simplix multi-functional bracket is vertically adjustable
and features both rough and fine adjustment for quick and
precise laser reading.
Scope of delivery Ref.-No. 460885:
Scope of delivery Ref.-No. 460886:
Accuracy ± 0.3 mm/m
Self-levelling range ± 3.5°
Working range Ø approx. 50 m without laser receiver
approx. 100 m with laser receiver
Laser laser class 2M, 635 nm
Power supply 4 x 1,5 V, type AA /
rechargeable batteries AA NiMH
Operation duration approx. 25 h
Connecting thread 5/8''
QUASAR4 Simplix-Set
Ref.-No. QUASAR4 460 886